3 Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Admitting that you need your wisdom teeth removed is a big step, especially because many people associate wisdom teeth removal in Glenview with pain and discomfort. The truth is, once your wisdom teeth are removed and you’ve healed, you’ll live a much more comfortable and pain-free life! If you are suffering from any of the following, schedule an appointment with our team at Family Smiles at the Glen to see if you need your wisdom teeth removed.

Mouth Pain

This may seem like an obvious sign, but it is a sign that many people choose to ignore. If your wisdom teeth are causing you to experience constant pain in the back of your mouth, it’s time to get them removed! The pain may be exaggerated when eating or brushing. The longer you leave your wisdom teeth in, the more pain they are going to cause!

Jaw Stiffness

If your wisdom teeth are beginning to come in, they will push against your other teeth. This not only causes pain, but jaw discomfort as well. If you notice that your jaw has been hurting, you may need wisdom teeth removal in Glenview.

Sore Gums

The gums in the back of your mouth may become sore as your wisdom teeth emerge. If they end up breaking through your gums, this can make it more difficult for you to get rid of bacteria in that portion of your mouth.

Our professionals will make the wisdom teeth removal process a breeze! Contact us today if you are experiencing any of the above problems.

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