Dental Emergencies

We all know that accidents happen daily. When an accident happens regarding your teeth, it’s important to know what constitutes as a dental emergency versus an issue that can be fixed during a regular appointment. We are a 24-hour emergency dentist serving Glenview, so continue reading to find out what the experts call dental emergencies. 

Common Dental Emergencies

When figuring out if you need to call your dentist immediately, learn which tooth problems are the most imperative for your dentist to see sooner rather than later. Some dental emergency examples include:

  • A knocked-out permanent tooth. If your adult tooth is knocked out, try to put it back in place and then immediately go see your dentist. If you cannot put the tooth back in place, call us and we will help you figure out the next steps.
  • An abscess. This is a pocket of pus in a tooth caused by an infection—sometimes a result of an untreated cavity. Make sure you contact us if you think you have an abscess. Some symptoms are bad breath, fever, and pain. 
  • Infected gums: Infected gums are painful and uncomfortable that can lead to other health issues. Your dentist needs to clean the pockets around the teeth to prevent damage to the surrounding bone.

Preventing A Dental Emergency

Visiting us regularly for your bi-annual cleanings and check-up will help you prevent future dental emergencies. If you think there is something wrong with your teeth or you are experiencing pain in your gums, always let us know as we can pinpoint the root of the problem. As your 24-hour emergency dentist serving Glenview, we are ready to take on any dental issues you may experience. 

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