Post Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments are required if oral decay and damage has allowed bacteria to infect the pulp inside your tooth. If you want to preserve as much of your tooth canal as possible instead of extracting both the healthy and diseased portions of your tooth, a root canal treatment could be for you. After your root canal in Glenview, make sure you are taking care of yourself with these proper tips.  

During The Initial Recovery

During the procedure, dentists are able to reduce the amount of pain experienced with pain-relieving measures, such as a local anesthetic, which helps control the pain after the procedure. Due to mild pain during the extraction, you’ll probably only need over-the-counter pain medications for relief. Avoid chewing hard foods immediately after the root canal treatment to avoid inducing more pain.

First Few Days After

Your tooth may feel sensitive due to natural tissue inflammation for the following days after your treatment—this bodes true for those who had pain or infection before the procedure. If you feel this type of sensitivity or discomfort, your dentist may recommend OTC medication (as mentioned above), such as ibuprofen. After a few days, many patients can return to their normal activities. 

Extra Tips

Follow these tips to alleviate pain from your treatment, while also practicing good oral health.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with special care around your root canal treatment
  • Floss daily to aid in the prevention of future infections
  • Try to avoid sugary foods and drinks
  • Schedule regular cleaning appointments with your dentist to keep your teeth healthy

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