What to Expect When Your Child’s Baby Teeth Fall Out

As your children’s dentist serving Glenview, we know that most children start to lose their teeth around 6 years old and every child reacts a little differently. Here is what to expect and how to care for your child when they begin to lose their baby teeth. 

After They Fall Out

You can expect your child’s teeth to fall out in about the same order as they came in. Once your child loses a tooth, instruct them to rinse their mouth out with warm water to stop any bleeding. The tooth can be cleaned, dried and placed under their pillow for the tooth fairy to come get it. Remind your child to keep up with their good oral health practices for their adult teeth such as brushing and flossing daily. 


Just like the first time around, when your child’s adult teeth start to come in there could be some pain. If your child is experiencing pain with the growth of new teeth, try cold water or Popsicles. You could even use a small dose of ibuprofen to help them sleep through the night. If the pain continues, seek professional dental health services. 

Loose Teeth 

Yanking a tooth out too early can break the root and leave space for infections. It normally takes a few months from when the tooth is first loose, to when it finally falls out. Baby teeth normally fall out by themselves, but if your child is eager, encourage them to gently wiggle their teeth on their own. 

Contact us today if you have any questions and our children’s dentist near Glenview will be happy to keep your child’s new adult teeth healthy and clean. 

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